Derya machine holding within the three different subsidiaries, which is Turkey's 20 outlets at different points, flat knitting machine spare parts, production and export operating in and import the field, both internal and external market awareness to retail and wholesale outlets with powerful brands (Stoll, Shima Seiki, Protti, Universal, etc.), needles, platinum and providing spare parts, containing the site of Turkey's first needle and platinum production facility and organization that today is managed by the second generation.

Since it began operations as emitting from years growing and the production and export-oriented knitwear manufacturing activity in the next years the whole area of ​​our company is one of Turkey's leading company in the field of flat knitting machine parts today. Our company is one of the leading companies in the sector has led to a textile manufacturing countries, which provide personally contribute to the transformation of the industry in Turkey and trikoculug sector's development.

In the Company "SANWA neddles" operating in our country with the brand of a large part of retail and wholesale outlets, manufactured with high quality German steel, needles and sinkers are provided.

Another brand of our company, "DETEX" via imported in many countries ethics needle is introduced with platinum and spare parts knitwear sector. Imported products are passed through several control and laboratory testing until it reaches the knitwear sector.

Serving more than 25 employees and works with machines with a high production capacity Derya unconditional customer satisfaction. This is in line with the principles of long-term guarantee of product quality and gives prime importance.

Since 1965 began to show Derya machine activity with innovative management concept it embraces continuous improvement. Good analysis of the new needs brought on by changing with each passing day, the world is committed to providing innovative solutions to those needs.